Why we speak about natural delivery in our Blog ?

Why we decided to be in contact with pregnant women around the world ?

The main reason is because Panama is a little country in Latinamerica , with the same reality of the rest of the world in Maternity Care.

In our publics hospitals the cesarean section’s rate arises 45%. In private hospital the situation in worse: 85%!

In the last ten years the rate of maternal mortality increased in alarming way.

The increase of cesarean sections, had not improve the neonatal healthiness. In opposite we have more preterm children and more chronic diseases like asthma, allergic and visual disorders.

The birthing process is considered a disease, and not a natural, biological and physiological event.

In our country when a low risk pregnant woman arrive to the hospital in labor, immediately she receive ” treatment ” like she were sick.
The team prohibits her to eat or drink even water.

She cannot walk.

They fasten in her body during all the delivery process a Fetal Monitor.

The physician and nurse team, begin always the application of intravenous Pitocin.

She receive a countless vaginal “evaluations “.

These are some of the reasons why my wife and me began three years ago a frontal struggle to change this reality in Panama.

In general we can be happy, because the women response has been marvelous .

We are changing the way to receive our children.

In our Blog, we will speak a lot and continuously about all these topics .

Dra. Graciela A. De Aybar
Dr. Rodrigo Aybar



All together

All together