Technology and Natural Childbirth


The delivery process is a biological event, common in all the mammals. It has not direct relationship with the neo cortex activity in human being. This process is regulated by more ancients structures in our Central Nervous System, in the evolutive’s point of view.

The beginning of the delivery process, is a result of a very complicated biological events in which play a roll both: the mother and her child. The more significant moment is the huge augment of the Oxytocin hormone in mother’s body, the so called love’s hormone .

During the childbirth process, the mother needs to avoid external connections with her neo cortical structures to let the low cortical structures work without interference and in harmony . The labor does not depends of mother’s volition .

The mother in labor needs silence. She needs a bit of light. She needs to eat and ingest liquids in low and frequents quantities. She needs a nearly and warmly presence of the persons that will be near her during all the delivery process, only in case she requires some support and help. She needs a deep respect of her intimacy .

During the seventies it was being a technological boom. Appeared sonograms , foetal monitors, intravenous infusions pumps, Epidural Anesthesia , digital beds, blood’s pressure monitors, transports incubators, new medicaments …

It had being added a lot of new professionals in the delivery room:

Neonatologists, Perinatal Gynecologists , Anesthesiologists. Each of these specialists need some nurse and technicians support in the room.

So suddenly the reality inside the delivery room,changed completely for the mother and her child. Around her 4-6-8 more people !!!

Each of these persons are there to make something . In other words,after the moment the future mother arrives to the Obstetrical Unity in any Hospital, the nurse puts her an intravenous needle and some minutes later begin a cascade of aggressive medical interventions.

For example :

If the team put a fetal monitor fastened in mother’s body, she cannot walk.
If an epidural analgesic intervention is planned, the future mother cannot eat or drink nothing… And so consecutively …

I can not loss the opportunity to comment, that all of these in-necessaries interventions mean a huge money cost for the mother and her family, for the State and for all the society.

All of these medical equipment are useful only in case we really need them. This is very rare in the total quantity of deliveries around the world. The low risk pregnancy represents the 85-90% of all the pregnancies.

Our task consists precisely to avoid it use , giving the mother and her child the space and necessary peace for the development of an harmonious , physiological and peaceful event,in relationship with the unique features of each delivery process.

This is our challenge . This is our goal. To it we give all our wisdom and love.

Dr. Rodrigo Aybar
Dra. Graciela A. de Aybar