Rocio Atencio



Rodrigo and Graciela are amazing OB’s. I was extremely fortunate to have found them (thanks to my hubby).
We have a beautiful baby boy thanks to their support when sorely needed. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a second opinion, personal and humanized healthcare. Best wishes to all pregnant ladies and mommies out there!

Here is my story:

Panama City, Republic of Panama.

My story starts in 2008 in Houston, Texas USA, when after years of trying to conceive (1 failed IVF attempt), I finally got pregnant (naturally after a laparoscopy to remove some endometriosis). My daughter was born premature. My membranes ruptured at 25 weeks and Danielle Victoria was born at 26 weeks, weighing 2 pounds 7 ounces. She was a trooper from birth, a real fighter. To this date, she continues to be a feisty 5-year old (beautiful and healthy). We were lucky to be living in a city and country were prematures have a chance to survive and to be absolutely healthy.

I really never thought I would or could get pregnant again, but fortunately, God/destiny blessed my body once again. 

At 20 or 21 weeks, my first OBGYN indicated that my cervix was thinning and based on my past history (pre-term labor); he wanted to conduct a cervical stitch (cerclage). Since my husband and I were already looking into natural birthing options (due to my very dramatic first pregnancy), we immediately contacted Rodrigo and Graciela Aybar.

Dr. Graciela was very kind to make room to see me after I told her the story… A cerclage at around 22 weeks…. I was afraid that would conflict with our natural birthing plan. Both she and Rodrigo were there on the first appointment. They listened carefully and did a thorough examination… Both concluded that I needed to be on bed rest until I reached at least week 37 to ensure the baby wasn’t born pre-term like my first daughter. They also prescribed progesterone suppositories through the course of my pregnancy (until week 37).

My husband, who is an acupuncturist, took care of me the entire pregnancy. At any sign of contractions, he would immediately tell me he had to perform acupuncture to ease the contractions and to relax me. Acupuncture worked wonderfully!

Dr. Graciela and Rodrigo closely monitored my evolution and the health of my baby in-uterus.

I read a lot about natural births and water births. I decided I wanted something less stressful than my first experience. I wanted to be at home. My husband doesn’t like hospitals so he was totally happy that I would opt for a home, water and totally natural birth.

Since my first child was via C-Section, the doctors checked my scar and made sure I would be OK if I opted for a vaginal birth. They went to our home to make sure it was in good conditions for a water/home birth. We were ready for the day, my belly was huge and I was ready for my baby to decide when he wanted to come out into this world.

September 28, I started contractions at around 10PM. At around midnight, my water broke. I had called the doctors to let them know my evolution. As soon as I informed them that my contractions were 5 minutes in between, they headed our way, reaching our home at around 1AM with all their equipment (pool included).

It was 12 hours of labor. At 10:15 AM (9/29/2013), our son Fabian Corpas, was born! Absolutely and positively PERFECT!

I gave birth squatting and nobody told me I couldn’t eat or drink… I was free to move, to walk around my house, to be naked if I wanted to… hehehe…. Zero beeping from hospital machines and zero nurses monitoring every single movement. I didn’t tense up from that hospital smell… You know the one that gives you hibby jibbies….

The doctors were supportive and were constantly joking! They are a SUPER TEAM!!!! They were relaxed at all times! Their calm attitude gave me additional confidence that everything was going to be fine.

If I were to get pregnant again (I am 37), I would immediately approach our doctors Rodrigo and Graciela and plan for another home birth. It was an amazing experience….

A lot of people have approached me after giving birth and cannot believe that I had a vaginal birth after C-Section and cannot believe that I opted for a natural birth; when I explain the reasons behind my choice, they totally understand. A lot of women have said that nobody ever told them that a vaginal birth after a C-section was even an option. So I am always happy to share my story and talk about the wonderful couple that helped us during our pregnancy and during childbirth.

Rocio Atencio