Marijke once again.

A little over two years ago, her daughter Jiske was born. It was an unforgettable experience.

Now Marijke had an impact on us once again, with her sweet personality extremely sensitive and secure.

This second birth of Marijke in water was calm.

Graciela and I were with Marijke and Joris that day. Truthfully it was wonderful to see them together throughout all the labor that we didn’t wanted to interrupt them. They would relax, listen to music and caress each other. Later on she asked to get into the pool and there they continued in the intimacy of her maternity.

It was an easy and sweet birth. Janne was born as beautiful as her sister and parents.

A couple of days later Marijke wrote to us:

Dear Rodrigo & Graciela,

I’m sitting on my bed feeding Janne. Her name is Janne, I believe we forgot to tell you at the night she was born. And I’m so grateful that our beautiful girl is healthy and happy. You must know that I’m even so grateful to you. What a beautiful day it was, as soon as Graciela walked through our door my first contractions diminished and got a rhythm, both Janne and I knew that now everything was going to be just fine. I was alert during the whole birthing process, knowing each second from start to finish, so different than from Jiske’s birth. But again a very quiet, peaceful experience. Thank you for making this possible! Thank you for being here in Panama, for your warmth, your guts, expertise and common sense and just being you.

I will keep on spreading the word of your good work here, where I can I would love to help you gain more and more recognition of your practices. And when we ever leave Panama, I will never forget you! I want you to know how grateful I am to you both!

I wish you a beautiful Christmas and so many more beautiful births.

Lots of love

Marijke, Joris, Jiske and Janne!