The first look

The first look

All together

All together

In a beautiful house from the reverted area on Panama City we lived un unforgettable experience.

It’s the house of Misty and Matt. They are a very special couple. They perform a generous and extraordinary effort in Panama, protecting abandoned children.

Misty was awaiting the arrival of her first baby. She is simple, intelligent and infinitely motherly.

Matt is joyful, secure and immensely tender. They both prepared cautiously for the arrival of their son.

We arrived at Clayton at night. Misty was already in the transition stage, meaning an advanced dilation. In this stage the energetic cost of the mother is huge and comes with the sensation of “I can’t” or “I’m not going to make it”.

Graciela prepared the pool quickly and a few minutes later Misty was in it and was relaxing.

Parting from here everything changed. Graciela and I went to another room to rest and read. Matt stayed beside Misty without moving from her side, giving her all the possible love of this world and watchful of everything.

After 2 hours we got close to Misty and little time was missing. She had reached the complete dilation and it started to appear the common sounds of her body of an imminent birth.

Isaac was born! Beautiful! Strong! Healthy!

We step aside a little and did nothing else but watch this infinite enchanted moment of reunion between both mother and baby.

We can’t say much more but: Thank you Misty and Matt for letting us feel the warmth and love of your home and the marvelous arrival of Isaac.

A few days later we visited Misty and her family in the company of Barbara Harper and Elizabeth Noble.

We couldn’t keep from sharing with our lustrous visitors this unique and wonderful experience.

An unforgetable day

An unforgettable day

Barbara Harper, Misty, Matt, Graciela and the King!

Barbara Harper, Misty, Matt, Graciela and the King!

Dra. Graciela A. de Aybar
Dr. Rodrigo Aybar