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About us

Dra. Graciela

Dra. Graciela

Dr. Rodrigo

Dr. Rodrigo


We are two Obstetricians and Gynecologists with a wide experience in warm and humanistic way in pregnancy care and delivery.

We are the only ones in the Panama Republic performing home births and also in pools.

Our goal is a profound respect for the process of birth as a natural, cultural and familiar experience.

We work with a high level team, which include Pediatricians, Neonatal physicians and Doulas with the mission to be near with the future mother and her baby,during all the pregnancy and delivery process as well as in postnatal and breastfeeding phases.

The delivery can take place, at home, in water or in any Hospital of Panama city.

You can contact us:

E-Mail: aybar_anhel@yahoo.com.ar

Dra. Graciela Anhel de Aybar cellphone: (507) 66148895

Dr. Rodrigo Aybar cellphone: (507) 66143787

Our Clinic:

Centro Médico Nacional
Av. Justo Arosemena and Calle 38
5th Floor N° 504

(507) 2275444
Panama city